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Fulcrum SPEED 55T Tubular Disk Brake road bike wheels


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These wheels offer amazing stability thanks to their wide profile, which optimises aerodynamic flow to keep the wheel stable, removing any interference. Short bursts out of the saddle are incredibly easy thanks to the stiffness of the spokes in addition to the two oversize flanges and the Two-to-one spoke pattern. This is just a taster of the kind of experience you get when you ride a bicycle with full-carbon SPEDD 55T DB wheels.

The full-carbon rim for tubular tyres with its new layers of “longitudinal twill” transfers 10% more power than previous models, for greater power transmission efficiency. And all that despite their record weight. Every single feature of these wheels is taken to the extreme.

It’s simply made for racing. Improvements within the group will be immediately noticeable. And sought-after.

SPEED 55 T DB is the most extreme wheel of the Fulcrum range, combining all the advantages of a 55mm aerodynamic rim with a powerful disc during braking, characteristics which make this the ideal racing wheel. This model is recommended for expert cyclists who are able to handle its deep profile and be daring with their lines and when accelerating: on these kinds of terrain it’ll be impossible to hold back your excitement at the features of these wheels.




  • tyre type: Tubular
  • tyre size: 28″
  • discipline: Road / Triathlon
  • ASTM category: 2
  • weight: 1395 g
  • rim material: Carbon
  • rim material details: Full carbon, “Twill” carbon fiber finishing
  • profile height: High
  • rim height: Front and rear: 55 mm
  • rim width: 26, 5 mm
  • inner rim width (channel): /
  • tyre width: From 25 mm
  • braking system: Disc brake
  • braking surface/brakes options: AFS
  • front axle compatibility: HH12-100
  • rear axle compatibility: HH12-142
  • front wheel spokes: 21, Two-to-one (14 left 7 right)
  • rear wheel spokes: 21, Two-to-one (7 left 14 right)
  • spokes material: Stainless steel, double butted
  • spokes profile: Rounded, straight pull
  • nipples: Aluminum
  • front hub: Carbon, Aluminum oversize flange
  • rear hub: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
  • bearings: CULT ceramic bearings. Adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system
  • others: Plasma treated HG freewheel. Aluminum Axle
  • Weight limit: 109 kg (Cyclist)
  • FWB options: HG11, Campy, Optional: XDR


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